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Our vision

In today's news world, we believe it's important to offer the reader the latest news as quickly as possible. That's why our editors are busy all day, every day gathering all the ins and outs of cycling and processing them into accessible articles: after all, cycling is for everyone.

At IDLProCycling.com, we believe it's important to be transparent and honest about our methods. Choices we make for articles arise from highlighting news or statements that interest Dutch or Belgian cycling fans. With the help of data, we closely monitor which topics and cyclists are popular and important. This way, we always keep up with current trends in cycling and hope to stay close to cycling enthusiasts.

From a journalism perspective, we believe it's important to stay as close to the source as possible. We will always mention our source in our articles. Where possible, we add an IDL touch to the message, such as fact-checking certain statements and adding background information. This way, we aim to practice honest journalism. We are proud of our independent status within the cycling world. This is important to us so that we can remain critical in situations that require it.

Finally, in recent years, IDLProCycling.com has increasingly been present on-site at races. Thanks to the teams, riders, and organizers, we attend most races, press conferences and other media events to ask questions. Our goal is not only to be the fastest and most comprehensive in our coverage, but also to remain innovative and unique with our interviews, analyses, background stories and more.

Questions and feedback for the editorial team

Do you have any questions or comments for us regarding something you spotted on our website? Or maybe something you couldn't find? Let us know. We try to respond to everyone. 

In addition to this, our editorial members can also be contacted individually:

Bram van der Ploeg - b.vanderploeg@indeleiderstrui.nl
Tom van der Salm - 

Gabriël Melching 
Wilbert van der Velde
Maxime Caeyman 
Youri van den Berg 
Jesper Rasch 

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Also a cycling enthusiast?

Are you just as enthusiastic about cycling as our editorial staff? Don't hesitate to contact us. Open applications are welcome at b.vanderploeg@indeleiderstrui.nl. Together we can discuss the options available.

Sales and marketing

Looking for visibility for your company or organization? Do you want to promote a product or service to a large audience in the Netherlands and Flanders? This is possible by advertising on or collaborating with IDLProCycling.com. Requests for sales and advertisements can be sent to sales@valkeringmedia.nl.