Wout van Aert offers praise for time trial World Cup: "This is how a time trial course should be" Cycling

Wout van Aert offers praise for time trial World Cup: "This is how a time trial course should be"

Wout van Aert offers praise for time trial World Cup: "This is how a time trial course should be"

Following two consecutive second-place finishes at the World Time Trial Championships, Wout van Aert aspires to ascend to the top spot in Stirling on Friday. Despite his strong performance in the road race on Sunday in Glasgow, where he demonstrated his form, he had to contend with a more dominant Van der Poel. Two days ahead of the time trial, during the press conference organized by Belgian Cycling, Van Aert looked ahead to the upcoming chrono event, during which IDLProCycling.com was present.

On Wednesday morning, Van Aert and his teammate Remco Evenepoel conducted a reconnaissance of the time trial route. They observed that the course features numerous extended, straight sections, with the final stretch towards Stirling Castle presenting a substantial challenge. They were able to train for this at their accommodation in Dunblane, a picturesque setting reminiscent of a castle.

With limited activities following the demanding road race, Van Aert highlighted that he felt even more driven after securing his second place. "I didn't engage in overly rigorous training, but I prioritized ample rest. It wasn't too debilitating. Although I was quite fatigued after Sunday's race, by Monday I was not as depleted," he remarked.

Wout van Aert offers praise for time trial World Cup: "This is how a time trial course should be"

During the 2021 Olympics, Van Aert participated in the time trial following the road race, and he acknowledged in Japan that it was an overly demanding combination. Did he carry any insights from that experience into the year 2023? Offering a succinct response, he shared, "I had my family join me here," hinting that he was hesitant to draw parallels to that particular edition. "It wasn't due to the training or the preparation at that time; it was more about not being in the optimal mindset back then."

Van Aert very pleased with time trial course: 'This is how it should be'

Now, let's reflect on Sunday's race. My metrics registered remarkably high values; it was certainly intriguing to analyze them. Following the Tour, I underwent a slightly extended recovery period, and these figures confirmed my readiness. It's a boost for my confidence," the Belgian stated.

Out of the nine Belgians who competed on Sunday, seven have already departed. Consequently, Van Aert's family serves as a pleasant distraction. "The sequence of having the time trial after the road race isn't particularly unusual. What might feel a bit odd is that the World Championship commenced with the primary discipline, and thus, the road race has already concluded. That was the most noteworthy aspect, but as for the reversed order... it's not too disruptive, though the hotel does feel quiet."

In terms of Friday's chrono course, Van Aert is notably content, despite acknowledging potential for improvement. "I could have managed some turns better; I believe they suit my strengths. The same applies to changes in tempo, which I find quite manageable. Overall, it's an excellently designed time trial course, embodying the essence of what a time trial should be. The route is accommodating for time trial bike handling, in contrast to the Mixed Relay with its numerous curves. Additionally, I'm fond of the finish."

Undoubtedly, the Jumbo-Visma cyclist must fend off the challenge of his compatriot Remco Evenepoel, who was seated beside him, in order to secure victory. However, Van Aert emphasizes that his attention isn't exclusively fixed on the Soudal Quick-Step rider. In fact, "We're also closely monitoring Filippo Ganna and Stefan Küng. As for whether winning would define my season as successful? I haven't pondered that question yet," Van Aert remarked, wearing his signature broad grin.

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