Circuit de Wallonie

The Circuit de Wallonie is a men's professional road cycling race held in the Walloon region of Belgium, forming part of the UCI Europe Tour as a 1.1 category event. Originating in 1966 in Wanfercée-Baulet and known as the Circuit du Hainaut until 2003, the race transitioned to a professional level in 2011, joining the UCI Europe Tour. Although it briefly lost its 1.1 status, it was regained by 2015, marking the start from Wanfercée-Baulet and later moving to Marcinelle. As of 2019, it has also become a part of the Belgian Road Cycling Cup.

Most recent winners of the Circuit de Wallonie

2023: Jordi Meeus (Belgium)
2022: Andrea Pasqualon (Italy)
2021: Christophe Laporte (France)
2020: Cancelled
2019: Thomas Boudat (France)
2018: Mikkel Honoré (Denmark)
2017: Maarten van Trijp (Netherlands)
2016: Kévin Lalouette (France)
2015: Stef Van Zummeren (Belgium)

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