Eschborn–Frankfurt, formerly known as Rund um den Henninger Turm Frankfurt, is a renowned one-day cycling classic held annually in Germany. The race, which marks a significant event in professional cycling, takes place on May 1st, aligning with the national Labour Day in Germany. Since 2017, this prestigious race has been part of the UCI World Tour, placing it alongside the most eminent cycling events globally and making it one of the two German races on the World Tour calendar, the other being the Hamburg Cyclassics.

History of Eschborn–Frankfurt

The race commenced in 1962, initially created to promote Frankfurt's Henninger Tower. Over the years, it has evolved significantly, transitioning from its original name and format while maintaining its iconic status. The event's long-standing tradition, coupled with the challenging course that navigates through the Taunus Hills, has made it a favorite among cycling enthusiasts and professionals alike. The race has seen numerous distinguished winners, with Norwegian cyclist Alexander Kristoff holding the record for the most victories, having triumphed four times.

Most Victories in Eschborn–Frankfurt

Belgium leads the tally with the most victories in Eschborn–Frankfurt, having Belgian riders win the race 18 times. Germany follows closely with 13 victories, showcasing strong performances by both German and West German cyclists over the years. 

4 victories: Alexander Kristoff
3 victories: Erik Zabel
2 victories: Phil Anderson, Jean-Marie Wampers, Fabian Wegmann, Erik Zabel, 

Recent Winners of Eschborn–Frankfurt

2023: Søren Kragh Andersen
2022: Sam Bennett
2021: Jasper Philipsen
2020: No race due to the pandemic
2019: Pascal Ackermann
2018: Alexander Kristoff
2017: Alexander Kristoff
2016: Alexander Kristoff
2015: No race due to a security alert

Eschborn-Frankfurt News

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